TuneIn: PillowTalk

San Francisco’s PillowTalk are making us drool with their transformation of indie disco house music.


From I-D Magazine: “Pillowtalk are as at home crafting 80s­ inspired synth­pop, as they are creating psychedelic funk and the classic rock and roll rhythms. PillowTalk also comfortably produce slow electronic ballads and now, the ultra-melodic three piece announce their debut LP ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’. Released via Wolf + Lamb, Je Ne Sais Quoi is a fine work of art that demonstrates the mastery of the trio in their finest form. To coincide with this special announcement, they’ve delivered the first in their new ’70s radio inspired podcast series, ‘Back to the Future Radio’. Lock in and enjoy some pure PillowTalk passion.”

In this Trust us, you won’t regret listening.

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